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Ironton police officer resigns

The officer who dragged a man 10 blocks beneath his car has resigned from the Ironton Police Department.

In a letter to Chief Jim Carey, patrolman Richard Fouts said he was handing in his resignation “for the safety and well-being of the city of Ironton, citizens of Ironton, officers of the police department and his family.”

Carey said he believes Fouts has already moved out of the area.

Lawrence County Prosecutor J.B. Collier Jr., said in his statements to investigators, Fouts said he did not know Guy Thomas was under his car until he reached the police department.

“He said it was a shock to him,” Collier said.

Collier said Fouts will be given a chance to testify to the grand jury, but does not know if he will do so.

Fouts is not required to testify but other officers will be called to tell what Fouts told them about the incident.

Randolph Morris, who was a close friend of Thomas, said he heard Thursday Fouts had resigned. He said he didn’t have a high expectation that Fouts would be punished for what happened, in spite of the case being taken to the grand jury.

“He probably won’t get nothing, to tell you the truth,” Morris said. “I don’t believe so.”

Morris said he missed Thomas. “He used to help me cut grass and things,” he said. “I miss my boy.”

Thomas was found dead under Fouts’ police cruiser in the Ironton Police Department lot March 8.