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Pedro man up in arms about road conditions; writes Taft


A Pedro man has made good on his threat to contact Gov. Bob Taft about the condition of his road.

Charles Thompson has written the Governor a letter, asking him to direct local officials to pave Elkins Creek Road and consider all roads equally when deciding which roads to pave.

Thompson met a week and a half ago with Lawrence County Commissioners and with employees from the office of County Engineer David Lynd. He submitted petitions asking that his three to four miles of roadway be paved, as opposed to covered in chip and seal which he says is a waste of money.

"The only thing you get out of 'tar and chip' is tar on your vehicles and pot holes in the road," Thompson wrote in his letter to Taft. "When you go to the mail box you end up with tar on your shoes which then gets tracked in on your wife's carpet. Do you think your wife would approve of this? I don't think so."

Commissioners at that time advised Thompson and his neighbor, George Malone that they had no control over such decisions, as Lynd is an elected official with equal stature to their own.

Lynd explained to an Ironton Tribune reporter that his office does not have the money to pave all the roads in Lawrence County. Until his office gets additional monies for a road paving program, he must continue to patch certain portions of roads with chip and seal.

An additional concern Elkins Creek Road residents have is the condition of Nelson bridge, on Elkins Creek Road off Symmes Creek Road.

Malone said the bridge, built in the early 30's, is in dire need of replacement. Built with what appears to be sand rock piers, one corner of the bridge appears ready to cave in.

"Some people were out there fishing the other night and noticed how bad it was. On one side, the rocks are completely falling out from under it," Malone said.

Thompson said he will send letters to his state and US legislators, asking them for help as well. Teresa Moore/The Ironton Tribune