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Girl Scouts give back to community

IRONTON — The Iron Hills Service Unit of the Girl Scouts made a $500 donation to the Veterans Memorial Hall Restoration Fund, Inc. on March 5 at Central Christian Church in Ironton.

The Iron Hills Service Unit is made up of Girl Scout Troops 912, 985, 700, 1271, 1269 and 959. In area, it covers Ironton, Coal Grove, Rock Hill and Symmes Valley.

The Iron Hills Service Unit is part of the Kentucky Wilderness Road Council. This group of young girls has taken it upon themselves to donate to a cause which they felt needed their support.

To date, this group holds the record from all local groups in the total amount donated.

Memorial Hall organizers are excited that these girls, who represent future leaders, have the foresight to invest in their heritage — past, present and future.

Girl Scouts focus on the principles of building character, civic-minded belief in God and country, and, above all, respect for America’s fallen heroes.

The Iron Hills Service Unit has issued the following challenge to the Boy Scouts: “See if you can beat this ! “

“I wish all of you the very best with your journey ahead,” said Karen Reed, Scout leader.

“Because of people like you, the kids that I teach in scouting will have a beautiful building to cherish and to honor. Your work will not go unnoticed or unappreciated.”

Jim Volgares, one of the organizers behind the push to renovate Memorial Hall, was thankful for the support.

“We, the Trustees of Veterans Memorial Hall Restoration Fund Inc., sincerely appreciate the hard work and effort this group of young ladies has put forth and their dedication to their core values of the Girl Scouts of America.”