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Positions available at Wayne National Forest

College students looking for a summer job where they can use their knowledge of fishing should look no further than the Ironton Ranger District of the Wayne National Forest.

The district has two positions opened for college students this summer. The students would operate the boat rental facility on Lake Vesuvius.

“Ideally, for the students’ position, (it would be) someone who has done some fishing and can talk fish, so to speak,” Marsha Wikle, assistant ranger, said. “Many of our regular fishers know every (kind of) fish in the lake.”

Additionally, the students should also know about electric motors, boat safety and be able to hike the trails around the lakes so they can give visitors information about them.

The positions would start on the weekends in May and fulltime starting in June until Labor Day.

“I think it would be a tremendous opportunity for someone to be able to work in the vicinity of Vesuvius Lake,” Wikle said. “What a great opportunity to work and get paid to take a hike.”

The jobs will require physical labor. Wikle said the district hopes to find employees who want to pursue this type of work as a career.

“It’s the right job for people who like being outdoors,” she said.

Interested students are asked to send a copy of their resume and proof of their college classes to Wikle by March 15.

The district has another seasonal position available as well.

The seasonal recreation technician will be employed in the summer and is responsible for examining the district’s 110,000 for illegal all-terrain vehicle trails. Other responsibilities include installing signage and some maintenance project.

The position will be advertised through Applicants should contact Wikle by March 8.

Applications can be sent to Wikle at or to the Ironton Ranger District at 6518 State Route 93 Pedro, OH 45659