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Chesapeake United Methodist urges people to take 30-day church challenge

CHESAPEAKE — This Sunday at Chesapeake United Methodist church, visitors, guests, and regular attendees will be participating in the 30-Day Church Challenge.

The 30-Day Church Challenge is a five-week campaign designed to help every attendee understand the true meaning of the church and how it impacts their lives in so many positive ways.

The personal benefits the church expects each attendee to experience are: more fulfilling personal and family relationships, greater peace and joy in the midst of life’s challenges, a stronger relationship with God, and the satisfaction of using one’s time and talents to make a difference in the community.

“We look forward to helping people see ‘church’ in a new way and discover that it’s not just a place you go to on Sundays or special holidays, but a loving family you can belong to,” said Pastor Chuck Case.

The 30-Day Church Challenge includes an inspiring five-week message series with interactive resources such as a video-based small group curriculum and an informative and encouraging devotional book. Based on the book of Acts in the Bible, the five-week series covers the five main purposes of the church: community, worship, growth, stewardship and outreach.

Services will be held Sundays at 10 a.m. Chesapeake United Methodist church is just one of many hundreds of churches across the nation who will be challenging their members and guests to discover how beneficial it can be to connect and engage in the five purposes of the church.

“During the series, we plan to discuss the many benefits of being part of our church family and how each of us can reach our God-given potential by discovering and engaging in these five purposes,” said Case.

Chesapeake United Methodist is located at 501 Second Ave. in Chesapeake. For more information call 740-867-3848.