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Youth offer example that is inspiring

In many ways the success of Kyle Bowen and Megan Foltz as soap box derby racers — and the characteristics they have shown in achieving this — perfectly parallels what they have achieved in life.

Both Lawrence County youth have overcome significant odds and accomplished things others never dreamed possible.

Kyle made history by being the only two-time Super Kids Classic Soapbox Derby National Champion. Although this sounds like an impressive accomplishment on its own, it is made even more powerful by the fact that doctors told his family that Kyle would likely never walk or talk.

Foltz made it to the finals of the event. She has battled — and beaten — leukemia twice, an amazing testimony of the strength of the third-grade student at Burlington Elementary.

Although the trophies and other winnings they earned are likely treasured possessions, the most important prizes they won are self-confidence and the belief that they can overcome challenges.

These are lessons from which all of us could benefit as we strive to overcome obstacles in our lives.

Kyle Bowen and Megan Foltz should be proud of their accomplishments but the community should be as well.