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Wastewater creating danger for drivers

I am astonished that nothing is being done about the wastewater and water used to hose down the parking lot at McDonald’s in Ironton. During the summer it smells and during the winter it creates a dangerous ice buildup on the entrance road and on State Route 93. The risk factor in winter becomes very great just to get a coffee or a sausage biscuit.

Yes, it is my choice to enter or not, but the danger also is in driving by to another store and even greater trying to stop at the traffic lights at both ends of this entrance road. Can there be nothing done to correct this?

I know if we have grey water running on the surface of our property, the health board would be involved from complaints of neighbors of the smell or danger being caused by ice forming on the road.

Who would be at fault then if my errors in plumbing, carelessness or disregard for others would cause accidents or accidental death from ice on the road?

Do we have to wait until a death occurs or a lawsuit filed?


Michael Merritt



Today’s conveniences can beat the cold weather

Before I complain the next time I get into that cold car, I’ll try to remember what it was like driving without front-wheel drive, all-wheel drive, four-wheel drive or heated seats. When I was a young lad — I know this was a very long time ago — and at home, my dad had a 1929 Model A Ford.

When my grandmother reached the age of 97, she was unable to care for herself in her home so my dad did what people did in those days. He moved her into our home. We lived five miles outside of Ironton.

When it was time to take her to the doctor, he heated two irons on a coal/wood burning stove. It was the only kind we had to iron clothes with.

He would wrap these two hot irons in coffee sacks and place them on the floor of the Model A. Grandma would place her feet on these irons to keep them warm during the trip to the doctor. We had huge amounts of snow.


Ken Massie

Southern Ohio Amateur Radio Association