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4 decades of service

Whether considered more than 2,000 weeks, 15,000 days or 351,000 hours, any way one looks at it, it’s a long time.

On May 15 Street Department Superintendent Mike Pemberton notched 40 years as an employee of the City of Ironton.

Pemberton started out in flood control in 1974 where he stayed for two years. He then moved to the street department as a laborer in 1976 but City Manager Richard Roberts eliminated his position. He then bid on an auto mechanic position and stayed in that position from 1977 to 1990. When then-mayor Bill Sheridan combined the departments he offered Pemberton the position he has held for the past 24 years.

“I enjoy my job serving the public,” Pemberton, 58, said as the reason behind his longevity. “I like to see projects that get started get completed. If my health stays good I might stay around for another few years.”

Ironton Mayor Rich Blankenship said Pemberton’s dedication to his job is second-to-none.

“He is always willing to go above and beyond the call of duty,” Blankenship said. “He’s always available and an asset to the city that can’t be replaced. His experience and knowledge are invaluable. He is a great employee who never lets me down. I’m glad to have him.”

Pemberton admits he can’t do his job forever, but takes solace in the fact that after 40 years his leaving is ultimately up to him.

“It feels good to know that I can leave whenever I see fit,” he said.