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Community support needed for domestic violence task force

The Lawrence County Domestic Violence Task Force is a nonprofit agency located in Ironton. Our agency is a shelter which serves both men and women who are victims of domestic violence in all of Lawrence County and surrounding areas. We provide a safe and warm place out of harms’ way, food, clothing, civil protection orders, court advocacy, shelter support, crisis intervention, transportation and referrals to other social service agencies based on each client’s individual needs.

All services for domestic violence victims are free. Our shelter operates on a budget of less than $7,300 per month out of which we pay staff salaries, insurance, maintenance upkeep expenses, utilities, office supplies, food and transportation costs for clients and various other expenses.

Out of the funding we receive from the Ohio Attorney General’s Office, we are required to maintain a 20 percent monthly match from the community in order to maintain our funding. We receive some help from the community but we have not been able to maintain a 20 percent match. It has averaged about 5 or less than 10 percent per month.

WE are in dire need of community support. The shelter is a valuable and much needed entity in Lawrence County, and we know how important it is to keep our agency open so that the victims of domestic violence in our community will have a safe haven to turn to in their time of turmoil. We maintain a 24-hour hotline, which is available after hours, on weekends and holidays. We are here, ready and available to serve victims of domestic violence but we need the support of the community to keep our doors open.

If you feel that you would like to donate to a good cause, please keep our shelter in mind. We are most appreciative of whatever we receive no matter how large or small. We desperately need the help of our community.

If you have a group or an organization that you would like for a representative of our agency to speak to regarding our shelter, please feel free to contact us at 740-532-7284 and if you would like to give a donation to the shelter, please mail it to Lawrence County Domestic Violence Task Force, P.O. Box 311, Ironton OH 45638.God bless and please pray for our shelter.


Elaine Payne

Director of the Lawrence County Domestic Violence Task Force