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Sheriff makes request for fleet vehicles

Getting new cruisers was the request of Lawrence County Sheriff Jeff Lawless as he addressed Lawrence County Commissioners at their Thursday meeting.

“We have decommissioned eight cruisers,” Lawless said.

One recently had its floorboard collapsed.

“It is unsafe,” he said.

All of the vehicles had high mileage.

The latest cars purchased were in 2014 and right now have 72,000 miles.

The older models have on average 300,000 miles on them.

“They just wear out,” he said.

So far, the sheriff’s office has spent closet to $60,000 in maintenance.

“We need 10 vehicles,” Lawless said.

The sheriff seemed to get support from commissioners Bill Pratt and Freddie Hayes Jr.

“You can get some vehicles,” Pratt said. “We replaced all the EMS vehicles.”

In other action, the commissioners:

• Accepted the resignation of Maggie Patterson from department of job and family services;

• Referred petition to county engineer petition to take private drive 3467 into Perry Township road system;

• Proclaimed Aug. 16 as Providence Regular Missionary Baptist Association Day;

• Terminated part-time employment of Chad Sansom, EMT.