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Land Transfers – 2/29/2020

• Adrienne Carlisle to Bruce H. and Donna H. Royal, Ironton, $16,000

• Jack Albert Smith to Jeremiah Imes, South Point, $10,000

• Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance, Inc. to Austin N. Perkins, Oak Hill, $84,000

• Gary and Sharon Marie Wood to Bobby and Marla Picklesimer, Chesapeake, $45,000

• Betty J. Napier to John and Billie Wickham, Proctorville, $190,000

• Sharon K. Sheridan to Donald L. and Kelli Cade, Ironton, $95,700

• Burner Land Company, Inc. to Joseph D. and Rebecca Faith Ford, Beavercreek, $18,500

• Michael J. and Alina F. Hurley to Charles and Jennifer Philabaun, Ironton, 335,000

• David B. Brislin to James A. Mays, Ironton, $86,000

• Lois E. Craddock to Charles C. and Amy R. Copley, South Point, $240,000

• Melissa A. Lafon to Christopher A. Lafon, Ironton, $85,800

• Melissa D. Baker to Jolaina Rachelle Russell, Proctorville, $190,000