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Editorial: Tip led to action on dogs

On Friday, the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office executed a warrant in Chesapeake after a local rescue group had made a heartbreaking discovery. With the assistance ... Read more

MJ Wixsom: Storm brings lost dog to my doorstep

I was talking to my best friend when I pulled in the driveway and saw ears and a tail. It was dark and the front ... Read more

How far off are companies from frequent space travel?

Editor’s note: Don Lee is taking a break from his column this week. This is representation of a piece from Feb. 16, 2019. We have ... Read more

Letter to the editor: Proposed changes will increase hunger

As the director of the LSS Food Pantries, which provide nearly 1.5 million meals each year to people who are hungry, I know that our ... Read more

Doug Johnson: Christians need to check their relationship with God

Veteran researcher George Barna wrote a book entitled, The Seven Faith Tribes: Who They Are, What They Believe, and Why They Matter. In that book, ... Read more

Does bankruptcy clear medical debts?

DEAR LAWYER MARK: I’m in trouble and need some advice. My wife and I have been having some pretty bad financial problems, and they just ... Read more

EDITORIAL: New quarters bring overdue recognition

On Thursday, the U.S. Mint announced three new additions to the American Women Quarter program, joining those whose inspiring lives have already been named for ... Read more

Jeri Fields: Keeping elders safe from scams

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day was Tuesday. On that day, and throughout the month, communities, seniors, caregivers, governments, organizations, and the private sector unite to ... Read more

U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown: Protecting Ohio kids from dangers of lead poisoning

Decades after we learned of the dangers of lead exposure, too many children in Ohio continue to be poisoned by the homes they live in ... Read more

EDITORIAL: To honor local heroes

Do you know of someone who has served their country and community, whose efforts deserve wider recognition? The Lawrence County Veteran of the Year Committee ... Read more

Don Lee: Mayes Jr. flew blind, but still got his pilot’s license in the end

Editor’s note: Don Lee is taking a break from his column this week. This is representation of a piece from Jan. 5, 2019. Howard Mayes ... Read more

Mark McCown: Explaining how the court system works

Dear Lawyer Mark: I have a question about how courts work. I read the paper about the criminals all the time, and was wondering about ... Read more

Vet gets thousands of new pets

I’m blaming it on Michelle from the Kentucky Board of Veterinary Examiners, but the truth is, I really don’t need help getting new pets or ... Read more

Doug Johnson: Fathers have always been essential to the family

Sunday, June 20, is Father’s Day, the day we honor the world’s most powerful men. Years ago, a teacher asked her class: “Who can tell ... Read more

EDITORIAL: Conspiracy theorist made hearing a farce

America has a conspiracy theory problem. In recent years, thanks to fact-free posting on social media sites, as well the work of as those in ... Read more

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