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Adjusting to new normal is difficult

When I was in the Coast Guard, we had a mimeographed cartoon that would periodically circulate through the wardroom. It basically said we have been ... Read more

Jim Crawford: Congress against Americans

You might want to believe that when we elect our fellow citizens to Congress to represent us, they would put the public interest first always. ... Read more

Sometimes, we must be broken before we can be saved

A woman visiting in Switzerland years ago came to a sheepfold on one of her daily walks. Venturing in, she saw the shepherd seated on ... Read more

Rachael Fraley: 4-H offering shooting sports course

The 4-H Shooting Sports program is an opportunity to be involved in a sport with lasting impact. In Lawrence County, the 4-H Shooting Sports program ... Read more

It is important to have the right relationship with Jesus

It’s said that truth is always larger than life. I firmly believe this to be true! In January of 2005 my wife, Terri, and I ... Read more

Editorial: A focus on our region

Our part of the state has been hit especially hard by the COVID-19 pandemic, with southern Ohio’s counties having some of the highest rates of ... Read more

Letter to the editor: Portman securing broadband for Ohio

Folks across Southeast Ohio know how hard it can be sometimes to get access to fast, reliable broadband Internet. That’s why I’m grateful for Sen. ... Read more

U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown: Investing in Ohio’s and America’s infrastructure

America’s infrastructure used to be the envy of the world. Our grandparents built it – but we haven’t maintained it. Our roads, our airports and ... Read more

Finding identity is a winding life path

Have you ever been so alone that you don’t know who talk to? What if you try to tell someone how you truly feel or ... Read more

EDITORIAL: Results on the river

The fruition of work on two community-minded efforts could be seen on Ironton’s riverfront on Saturday. First, the Ohio River Revival returned to the space, ... Read more

Mark McCown: Man has court date for judgment exam

Dear Lawyer Mark: I got a notice from the court saying that I have to go there in a couple of weeks for a judgment ... Read more

Red bugs create an itchy situation

Oh, my, I itch! I got into a batch of chiggers yesterday and I’m not happy about it! They can be anywhere outside. They love ... Read more

Frank LaRose: Why we should remember Sept. 11

It’s hard to imagine what started as a normal day in September would end in devastation, loss and a nation glued to their televisions watching ... Read more

Doug Johnson: A life of sin darkens the soul and the body

The story is told of the great Italian painter, Leonardo da Vinci. Many years ago, he was wandering the streets of Milan, Italy, staring intently ... Read more

As a nation, we should never forget Sept. 11, 2001

Remembrance is a word that has echoed through the hearts and minds of every American as we for the 20th time think back to that ... Read more

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