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Family physicians are on the front lines during the pandemic

Family physicians and their practice teams are on the front lines of the nation’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic and are playing a crucial role ... Read more

Legislature passes new COVID-19 laws

Dear readers: Just a few days ago, the Ohio legislature passed new laws in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Although these laws are set to ... Read more

Pandemic means updating safety protocols constantly

In the rapidly changing situation of COVID-19 Week 2, I just realized that we have had no new protocols for 48 hours. That doesn’t mean ... Read more

Great meals, ready to sit down and eat

After a long hard day there is nothing better than to come home to a great meal ready and waiting with just a minimum of ... Read more

Flying wings have a long history in aviation

The flying wing has been around a long time. The first instance that I have found was in 1910. Hugo Junkers thought it was a ... Read more

Editorial: Making hard times bear-able

With warm weather here, a number of families in our region may try to get out this weekend, despite the state of emergency. With most ... Read more

Stay safe, and stay strong

On Wednesday, the news came that everyone knew would be announced soon, that someone in Lawrence County has tested positive for the coronavirus. Everyone knew ... Read more

Coronavirus decisions

No one could have prevented the novel coronavirus from coming to America. This article is a review of decisions made, choices taken, choices passed, and ... Read more

We are here for you

With the advent of the digital era, one of the biggest changes in society was the decline of print media. Many well-known magazines were among ... Read more

Fighting off the disease

Every four-year-old knows the official coronavirus drill by now. Wash your hands often, cover your coughs and sneezes and don’t touch your face. And also ... Read more

Make the most of time

A popular idea circulating this week is a way to deal with the amount of free time children have with schools closed across the country. ... Read more

Scams a threat in pandemic

The dirty rotten crooks. While the rest of the world is doing its best to sacrifice to beat an unseen biological virus, cyber scammers are ... Read more

Blood donations still needed during shutdown

As COVID-19 sweeps across the nation and the world, the American Red Cross faces a severe blood shortage. As of Thursday, the agency said nearly ... Read more

Keeping things running

On Sunday, Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine announced a stay-at home order as part of the emergency surrounding the coronavirus outbreak. The order would close all ... Read more

Finding funny amid frenzy

Disasters are definitely serious. However, appropriate humor serves to bring temporary relief from anxiety and fear. One reaction to the recent world pandemic is the ... Read more

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