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History Lesson: The Origins of the Purple Heart

After the surrender of Charles Lord Cornwallis at Yorktown, Virginia on Oct. 19, 1781, many people felt the Revolutionary War would soon be over. However, ... Read more

Restrictions highlight what we take for granted

What The Bogota Post got right about America before COVID-19 rings just as true during the pandemic – maybe even more true. In a May ... Read more

Why graduation feels empty

Nick Culver worked for years to get to this point, endlessly practicing his French horn, performing, and studying theory, all to graduate this month with ... Read more

EMTs, strong and ready

One of the agencies that is widely used and often overlooked is our local EMS squads. It takes a lot to be on one of ... Read more

Welcome, Class of 2020, to the next chapter

You (Class of 2020) walked out of high school for the last time this year. You are about to enter the next chapter of your ... Read more

Do you treat retail clerks like human beings?

O ne of the most awkward, self-conscious incidents in my life occurred when I was shopping with a group, and one of my companions blithely ... Read more

Republicans’ 2020 campaign emerges

A s we turn to summer 2020, it is not too early to see the framework of the Republican campaign to hold the White House ... Read more

‘An American Soldier known but to God’: Casualty of World I was first honored at Arlington tomb

Bosnia and Herzegovina had been formerly Turkish provinces. Austria-Hungary had politically administered both since 1878. In 1908, Austria-Hungary annexed both. The Balkan States were known ... Read more

Some birds are rarely seen because of camouflage

“Doctor, we have a spawn of an owl that mated with a tree branch.” “What? Let me see. What do you have?” I’m used to ... Read more

Making great candy in your home kitchen

While we are home all the time, it is a great time to make some candy! Since we are all on stay-at home we can ... Read more

Space Plane could recover satellites before they fall

If you happened to read last week’s column, I mentioned the X-37B Space Plane. This week, I will tell you more about this secret project. ... Read more

The Bible is comfort in our times of grief

Missionary David Miner Stern was plunged into grief when God saw fit to take to Himself his little daughter. Stern could not seem to get ... Read more

Peter Funt: Sometimes, a rose is more than a rose

The rose bush outside our kitchen window is telling a different story this spring. Severely cut back each winter, it always rebounds as the weather ... Read more

Editorial: Keeping events safe

This week, members of the Lawrence County Fair Board will meet to address the format of this year’s fair. Although the state has been reopening ... Read more

Danny Tyree: Difficulties of dealing with terrible conversationalists

One of my biggest pet peeves: people who can’t hold up their end of a conversation. Oh, I’m not saying that every single human being ... Read more

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