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Doug Johnson: The Bible can reveal one’s true condition

Years ago, a rich Chinese man visited England and took great delight in a beautiful microscope which was shown him. Later he purchased one for ... Read more

Editorial: Holidays in time of COVID-19

On Thursday, Lawrence County returned to Red Level Three on the state’s COVID-19 alert map, marking the second time it has reached that designation. While, ... Read more

Nora Swango Stanger: Appreciating the lost art of handwritten letters

There is an antiquated form of communication that I desperately miss. I love hand written letters. It seems to me that, within a handwritten letter, ... Read more

Frank LaRose: Ohio is safe and ready

Election month has begun Ohio! Over the past several months, hundreds of bipartisan elections officials at 88 county boards of elections have been working overtime ... Read more

Letter to the editor: Save a life, a be an organ donor

If you had the chance to save one of your neighbor’s lives, would you? Right now, more than 108,000 people nationwide are waiting for a ... Read more

Editorial: Learning through doing

Students at Rock Hill High School have seen an addition to their campus this year, a coffee shop, The Redman Roaster, run by those in ... Read more

Danny Tyree: So this is John Lennon’s 80th birthday (and what have you done?)

Ironically enough, I did not sleep PEACEFULLY last night, because I was concerned about taking the wrong tone with this column about the iconic singer/songwriter/musician ... Read more

K.L. Allen: Innovative learning efforts are the key

Despite its decade of economic growth, Ohio enters the current recession a step behind other states. Fewer than 50 percent of Ohioans hold some sort ... Read more

Guidelines for political letters and news

The last day to submit a letter about a political candidate or issue is at 5 p.m. Friday, Oct. 23 and we will publish those ... Read more

Nora Swango Stanger: Thinking of stories this old porch swing could tell

When KC and I were first married, I told him that if he gave me a porch swing, I’d never ask for another thing. I ... Read more

EDITORIAL: Learn from this moment

The nation has been absorbing the news, which came in the early hours of Friday, that President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump have ... Read more

The region had a number of World War I ace pilots

Soon you will be able to see some of artifacts collection concerning Ironton’s WWI ace, Capt. Bill Lambert. The plan of the museum committee is ... Read more

Long day in the animal clinic emergency room

I got caught by a stoplight so I was parking as my shift began Sunday morning. I was in the building by 8:02 a.m. The ... Read more

Answering questions about Ohio’s absentee ballots

Dear Readers: I have received several questions about absentee ballots and the upcoming election. Instead of writing this as a typical column, I have put ... Read more

Pivotal moments in history

History records for us many moments where the tides have turned, where ideologies converged and where decisions were made that shaped futures for generations. My ... Read more

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