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‘An American Soldier known but to God’: Casualty of World I was first honored at Arlington tomb

Bosnia and Herzegovina had been formerly Turkish provinces. Austria-Hungary had politically administered both since 1878. In 1908, Austria-Hungary annexed both. The Balkan States were known ... Read more

Some birds are rarely seen because of camouflage

“Doctor, we have a spawn of an owl that mated with a tree branch.” “What? Let me see. What do you have?” I’m used to ... Read more

Making great candy in your home kitchen

While we are home all the time, it is a great time to make some candy! Since we are all on stay-at home we can ... Read more

Space Plane could recover satellites before they fall

If you happened to read last week’s column, I mentioned the X-37B Space Plane. This week, I will tell you more about this secret project. ... Read more

The Bible is comfort in our times of grief

Missionary David Miner Stern was plunged into grief when God saw fit to take to Himself his little daughter. Stern could not seem to get ... Read more

Peter Funt: Sometimes, a rose is more than a rose

The rose bush outside our kitchen window is telling a different story this spring. Severely cut back each winter, it always rebounds as the weather ... Read more

Editorial: Keeping events safe

This week, members of the Lawrence County Fair Board will meet to address the format of this year’s fair. Although the state has been reopening ... Read more

Danny Tyree: Difficulties of dealing with terrible conversationalists

One of my biggest pet peeves: people who can’t hold up their end of a conversation. Oh, I’m not saying that every single human being ... Read more

Jeri Fields: SSA is protecting your investment

We provide benefits to about one-fifth of the American population and help protect workers, children, people with disabilities, and the elderly. In 2020, we will ... Read more

Editorial: Entering the next phase

As of Friday, most parts of Ohio have been allowed to reopen for business. Tuesday brought the return of many retail businesses throughout the state. ... Read more

Jim Crawford: Trump’s government by narrative

If the Trump administration has taught Americans anything, it is that you cannot accept truth and facts as the final arbitrator of social policy.   ... Read more

Don Lee: The race into space continues

Although the national media did show a simulated launching of the Dragon-crewed capsule, most of our news has been about the COVID-19 pandemic.   I ... Read more

MJ Wixsom: Finding the right words of wisdom can be a challenge

Forty years ago this month, I walked across the stage and received my diploma from the United States Coast Guard Academy. After the ceremony, I ... Read more

Mark McCown: Senior fighting with kids over yard work

Dear Lawyer Mark: I’ve got a problem with some neighborhood kids, and I need some advice.   I’m an older gentleman, and it’s hard for ... Read more

Patti Howerton: Braising makes cheap cuts of meat a treat

Braising of cheap cuts of meat to make them moist and tender in Dutch ovens has taken a backseat since the Crock-Pot came on the ... Read more

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